Trio Fitness OCR

A Journey To OCR Coaching

Trio Fitness LLC was founded near the end of 2015. The founders being brothers and Certified Personal Trainers, had a goal of helping clients train more affordably by offering online training programs. For the first two years of business, they worked on Trio Fitness while both holding down full-time jobs as personal trainers in the DC Metro area. They started out offering numerous fitness programs. Programs for weight loss, programs for running, programs for bodybuilding and physique competitions, and programs for strength training. 

During those first two years, Joel and Luke started to become involved in Obstacle Course Racing. They did some races for fun, earned their first trifectas, and tried out a few other OCR companies. They were hooked. Everything started becoming about OCR. Their training and conversations all revolved around the sport. Soon they realized that they wanted to refocus Trio Fitness LLC's mission to match their own. 

In 2018, Trio Fitness became Trio Fitness OCR. The business changed from simply offering training programs, to actively coaching and designing routines that fit the client's goals and abilities. The programs now offered were all about OCR, and they cut the prices by large percentages so that it would be affordable for the average racer. Since "rebranding" into a company focused solely on helping OCR racers perform better on race day, they've had the privilege of helping many racers improve their speed, endurance, obstacle proficiency, and overall fitness. 

Their goal long term is to help as many OCR athletes reach their specific goals on the race course. Everyone has an idea of what they are capable of, and Trio Fitness OCR is here to help them realize that idea.

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