Our OCR training programs are designed specifically for you and customized to fit all fitness levels.

Custom Programs

"I'll be running my first OCR in May, despite initially telling TFOCR, 'running/cardio isn't my thing.' It is also very helpful that workouts are tailored to meet my interests and goals. I highly recommend Trio Fitness OCR!! You won't regret it!" - Britteny F.

3 Training Days Per Week

Perfect for the beginner OCR participant, The Finisher will get you ready to finish your first race and get you in the right mental space! 

$60 monthly


4 Training Days Per Week

The Competitor is for OCR participants that have a few races under their belts but want to improve to higher standings on the leaderboard.

$70 monthly

5 Training Days Per Week

The Champion is for the OCR participant who wants to be standing on the podium. This fully customized program is designed to get you in the best OCR shape for winning the race.

$80 monthly

7 Training Days Per Week

The Ultra OCR training program demands dedication and determination. Athletes need to allow at least 12 weeks of training prior to their Ultra. Each week, you'll have 6 days of training followed by a 7th day of fully programmed recovery work. If you're ready for the challenge, sign up now.

3 Training Days Per Week

Improve your grip strength with 3 challenging grip workouts each week. Custom designed for you, this program will help you on the way to 100% obstacle completion.

$30 monthly

$100 monthly

5 Training Days Per Week

OCR's in Urban environments are picking up steam. Spartan has Stadions and City Races, City Race Challenge puts on great events, and Epic Series is making their participants work hard through every obstacle. The training for these events generally requires far more strength and power than your traditional OCR.

$80 monthly